Welcome to “Our World” – the very first Montessori Preschool in Września. Who are we? Why a Montessori Preschool? Read on:

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind”
M.Montessori (Education and Peace)

Children come to us with huge potential and a great curiosity.

The Montessori Method undoubtedly recognizes the power of each child. It respects individual patterns of growth and individual interests. It offers each child a joyful process of self-discovery and helps them grow and blossom in every aspect of their life.

It is well-known that child’s independent choices and their ability to follow their own interests are crucial elements in the process of learning. The focus on self-discipline and self-teaching abilities will benefit them in their future lives.

In our Montessori preschool we focus on the child’s holistic development and their individual growth as young children. We strengthen their self-esteem, independence, thinking skills, confidence, respect for one another, respect for the environment and their self-discipline. We create a warm and safe environment without rewards or punishments. Our teachers have strong educational qualifications and a passion for children. They do not  impose, they take their lead from the child.

Our daily Montessori activities focus on the following areas:
– practical life
– sensorial activities
– cosmic education
– math
– language.

Moreover, we offer a Polish-English speaking environment that enables your child to speak in both languages.


The world benefits from Montessori’s educational method. Let your child make the most of it too!

For the those who are still curious, here is the list of famous Montessorians 🙂