Our preschool community is formed by wonderful people. They are people who truly love children and who wish to share their own energy and passion with these little ones. These people are as follows:

Katarzyna Krysztofiak-Torzewska – MScs in Psychology and M.A. in English Studies (Wroclaw University).  Postgraduate diplomas in: Elementary Education; Education Management; Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Program (“Pedagogika Marii Montessori. Edukacja i terapia w przedszkolu”). A certified Montessori teacher.

Years of HR experience in the international corporate environment (leading staff training and head hunting suitable staff). An English teacher (teaching both children and adults), and a school psychologist. A happy mom of two great kids, an Attachment Parenting follower and an avid traveller.


Maria Ziółek – M.A. in Teaching in Elementary Education and postgraduate degrees in Physical Education and Montessori Early Childhood Teacher Program (“Pedagogika Marii Montessori. Edukacja i terapia w przedszkolu”) . An elementary school teacher with 33 years of professional experience. A certified Montessori teacher. Most of her life she has devoted to teaching children. She helped her pupils gain high self-esteem, become self-motivated and curious about the world.


Sylwia Komodzińska – M.A. in Teaching in Elementary Education. Working with children is her true passion. She has been working with children in different age groups (from 0 to 10-year-olds). She has been working as a Montessori Kindergarten teacher for two years now. She loves each child individually and strongly believes in their unlimited potential. She is a mom of a wonderful 18-year-old young woman. She loves nature, reading books and travelling.


Karolina Ziółek – B.A. in Pedagogy (European Education at Poznań University). An open-minded, optimistic healthy-food lover . She loves reading books, watching good movies, cooking healthy and tasty dishes and spending time with her family. In “Our World” she will welcome you warmly and is ready to answer any questions you may have. She will also make sure each child gets truly healthy and nutritious meals.